Review - Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil

You may remember my waxing lyrical over the last bath & shower oil I reviewed from the Aromatherapy Associates brand before Christmas, so I was looking forward to being sent the latest one to try!

The new 'Inner Strength' oil is a bit special, as it has a story behind it - created by Geraldine Howard when at her lowest ebb during treatment for cancer, this particular cocktail of scents (clary sage, frankincense and cardamom) is designed to relax and focus the mind during difficult times, thus helping others when they are also experiencing difficult times. 10% of all proceeds from sales of Inner Strength go to the Defence against Cancer Foundation, which sounds like a fantastic reason to treat yourself.

So, on to the oil itself. As with the last oil I reviewed, one of the key benefits for me is that this oil is designed to be used in the shower as well as the bath, which is fantastic as it allows for an indulgent experience even when on the go (and I'm all for indulging oneself wherever possible!) The oil is smoothed onto the skin, and then once the hot water hits it the most amazing aroma is released. This is an incredibly heavily scented oil (even more so than the last one I tried, I believe) and the entire bathroom soon smelt deliciously like an incredibly expensive spa (and almost unbelievably this scent continued for almost a day afterwards!) As with the last oil I reviewed, if you prefer your products lightly scented this is definitely not for you, but if you want a heady, indulgent experience then you will love it!

The scent lingers on your skin also, leaving no need for perfume for the rest of the day. Skin feels cleansed, soft and silky, with no need for moisturising, so although this is a luxury item, it does do the job of at least 3 products which ups the value for money stakes! Interestingly for such a strongly concentrated product it in no way iritates the skin condition I have on my upper arms and back which is always a major plus for me (and I'm sure for others with sensitive skin!).

So, in conclusion, if you like your bath and shower products to pack a punch, are looking for an indulgent, spa-like shower experience, and want to support a fantastic charity then you'll likely love Inner Strength.

Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil is available to purchase here for £39 for 55ml

Disclosure: A sample of Inner Strength was provided to me for review purposes, but all opinions remain my own.

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